What Do I Do if I am on OFCCP's CSAL?

OFCCP’s Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) is a courtesy notification that a contractor’s establishment(s) or function(s) appear on OFCCP’s most recent scheduling list. The scheduling list is developed through an administratively neutral process using the Federal Contractor Selection System (FCSS).

If your organization appears on the CSAL, you should....

  • Ensure you have your AAP in place and review in detail.
  • Notify appropriate parties that you are on the list (e.g., local compliance leaders, counsel, etc.
  • Gather outreach and recruitments efforts, as well as state job listing documentation.
  • If you are 6 months or more into your AAP year, updated data will be needed for an audit submission. Plan ahead so that you are confident in what will be submitted once you receive your notice and can submit in a timely fashion.

Once the CSAL is published, scheduling letters can come at any point. OFCCP offices must move through the list in the order it was created, so exact timing is unknown.

More information:

What is the CSAL? OFCCP gives contractors the gift of time by issuing Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSAL), typically twice a year, in advance of sending out scheduling letters. A CSAL is a “courtesy” notice to an establishment that it has been selected to undergo an audit by the OFCCP. It does not initiate an audit but instead provides additional time for preparation.  

Although previously mailed, OFCCP is now posting the CSAL on its website, specifically the FOIA Library.

How can DCI help?

If you are being audited – you want the best team to support you. At DCI, we have experience working with OFCCP and will guide you through every step. The DCI Difference:

  • Negotiating with OFCCP – We will defend our work and help you navigate the audit process. We can represent our clients on OFCCP matters.
  • Experience and Knowledge – Our extensive knowledge navigating audits make us the premier choice for audit support.
  • Audit-Ready AAPs – Our thorough data checks give you the option to prepare audit-ready AAPs annually, so there’s no scrambling when you receive a scheduling letter.
  • Support if Review is Escalated – If your review is escalated, we can defend your work at a high stakes national office level. We have experience and a team to assist.