What is Availability in an AAP?

Availability is the expected representation of qualified women or minorities within each AAP job group. This availability benchmark is compared to workforce composition to determine whether barriers to equal opportunity exist.

What are the Components of Availability?

Both internal and external availability data are considered when calculating availability for each job group. Internal and external data sources must be identified, as well as the appropriate weighting for each data source to create a composite availability.

How are the Components of Availability Determined?

External Availability
Percentage of minorities and females within a reasonable recruitment area that have the requisite skills to fill the positions in question. The most commonly used data source is the “special EEO file” from the American Community Survey (ACS) 20014-2018 data.

External Factor Weight: The percentage of movements to a job group that you expect to come from outside the organization (i.e., external hires)

Internal Availability
Percentage of minorities or females promotable, transferable, or trainable within your organization. Internal recruitment sources are "feeders".

Internal Factor Weight: The percentage of movements to the job group that you expect to come from within the organization (i.e. promotions)