Due to Popular Demand - we are sharing our recent webinar recording:

Pay Equity in 2022: ESG Reporting, State Requirements, & Proactive Analytics


David Cohen, M.S. - DCI President and Founder

Joanna Colosimo, M.A. - VP of Workforce Equity & Compliance Strategy

Lisa Harpe, Ph.D. - Director of Selection & Assessment, Principal Consultant

Pay equity will continue to be a primary focus for organizations in 2022. As the landscape evolves to include ESG reporting, state requirements, and continued proactivity, it can be difficult for organizations to keep up and manage priorities. Join DCI consultants as they dive into these timely topics.

Environmental, social, and governance data, known as ESG, is encouraging transparency in organizations. The social and governance aspects include areas relevant to HR, DEIA, and company leaders. Are you prepared to run pay equity analyses, racial equity audits, diversity metrics, or publicly disclose?

State pay requirements are increasing. While federal regulation still applies, employers may now be required to perform additional analytics across their different states. We will discuss upcoming regulations, priorities for employers, and tips for keeping organized amidst ever-changing laws.

Proactive pay analyses continue to be a powerful tool for employers to understand their risk and pay disparities. DCI consultants will discuss different types of pay equity studies and tips for successfully navigating them.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the demand for ESG reporting and analyses they should consider.
  • Receive resources for tracking state pay requirements.
  • Develop a broad understanding of the different state requirements current in place and expected additions.
  • Compare different pay equity analyses and learn tools to evaluate which analysis might be best for their organization.
  • Hear directly from DCI’s experienced consultants and have the opportunity to ask questions.