How Do I Request a Functional AAP Agreement?

If traditional Affirmative Action Plans prepared by establishment are not effective for your organization, you can request a Functional Affirmative Action Plan (FAAP). Below are the appropriate steps. 

Each FAAP must have at least 50 employees, a managing official, and personnel activity tracked and maintained for it. You may also mix and match establishment and function or business unit plans across the organization in the FAAP agreement.

Steps for Requesting a Functional Affirmative Action Plan (FAAP): 

  • Identify a corporate representative and provide contact information
  • Include an organizational chart with a description and list of functional unit locations, addresses and employee counts
  • Make a request prior to 120 days of the plan date and share a transition plan (e.g. timeframe for moving to a FAAP)
  • Address the request to the Director of OFCCP and send by email to
  • Response from OFCCP is due 60 calendar days from the submission of complete request package

Any future compliance evaluations would be scheduled for the function(s) or business unit(s) included in the agreement.