2022 EEOC Guidance on the Americans with Disability Act and the Use of Software, Algorithms, and AI to Assess Job Applicants

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Angie Rosenbaum, Ph.D., Principal Consultant

Kermit Olson, Ph.D., Associate Principal Consultant

This webinar will discuss the recent EEOC Guidance on “The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Use of Software, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence to Assess Job Applicants and Employees.” The burgeoning use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the pre-employment screening of job applicants and employees has given rise to increasing concerns regarding the privacy, transparency, accountability, fairness, and accuracy of predictions of AI-based assessments especially with regard to applicants and employees with disabilities. The latest EEOC direction explains how employers’ use of software that relies on algorithmic decision-making may violate existing requirements under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and provides practical tips to employers on how to comply with the ADA as well as to job applicants and employees who think that their rights may have been violated.