Building a Culture of Civility

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Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST)

As organizations continually struggle to attract and retain employees in the highly competitive marketplace, characteristics such as inclusion and civility in the workplace can often make the difference in creating a high-performing organization. To that end, Chad Peddie, DCI Consulting, and Mark Nagy, Wendal Inc., will be collaborating in a three-part webinar series focused on the “I” of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA). The series will progress through why inclusion matters, how to measure it, and programmatic efforts to initiate for building an inclusive culture. 

The final session will help identify more prescriptive means for creating a Culture of Civility and Inclusion. This will include guidance on who is responsible for the change management, what resources may be included to best enhance outcomes, how best to sequence the change that needs to occur, expected employee and organizational outcomes from the culture change, and practical ways employers can foster civility in the workplace.


Mark Nagy, Chief Research and Behavioral Officer, Wendal

Chad Peddie, Consultant, DCI Consulting















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